My ’69 Slammed Volkswagen Bug

Slammed VW Bug 69

The story of my 69 slammed bug

I bought my Volkswagen Bug from 1969 in the summer of 2015.
Went on a 4 hours trip to get him. Once arrived this Bug looked just like it should be in 1969.

With his 1200cc single carburator motor it gives me the full 32hp.
It’s a matching number and there was nothing restored on it. Even the paint is still the original one.
Driving back to home took me just 6 hours but i made it.

The bug now has a 4″ narrowed front axle with dropped spindles installed and airshocks in the front from Volksproject.
The back is lowered 3 position with shorter shocks.
Everything else is still original so all the things that i will do in the future you will see here on my blog.

Here are some pictures token from my bug:


My goal is to to do a full restoration of the Bug and maybe respray it in another color.
I’m also interested in a motorswap cause the 1200cc is a great motor but it’s so slow.
The interior will have a make-over but i haven’t decide yet what i want to realize with it.
Besides that i also want to put the car on Air all round, not just the front, and maybe some other wheels.
Anyway, i’ll keep you guys posted from the moment I change or fix something on the bug.